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Thank You

Thanks  for joining my 'Guide to Prints' mailing list 

You are the reason I've started this project.

You may think that's nonsense, seeing we haven't really met each other. But, as my Dad told me long ago: 'It's not enough to simply make your art,  you must share it with the world outside.'

And it's the same with knowledge.

You need to share what you've learned so that other people don't have to make the same mistakes you did when  you started along the path to knowledge in any field.

It happens that my knowledge is in a field that interests you.  Otherwise, why would you be reading this? So, you'll receive a total of seven once-a-week emails containing the realistic facts about Art Prints that I've gathered over a 35-year career.  After that,  it's over to you to use those facts when you're looking for wall art.

Until next time,

Dorothy Gauvin

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