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Art Speaks to the Future


We marvel at the pyramids of ancient Egypt and wonder how and why they were made. Answers come only from the art and crafts left behind...

Heiroglyph and cuneiform characters, carved into stone pillars called stele, name the kings who ordered the work. Some stele name the architects who designe…

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Artists of the Future: Who Will Teach Crafstmanship to Them?

One time, a regular client - a self-made success in business - commissioned me to make a large painting. He added a most unusual condition.

The client held a strong conviction that I needed to fly to his home on a stud cattle station and see the room where the painting would hang. When I finally ag…

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The Surprising Secret about How to Find Your Unique Painting Style


The Surprising Secret about How to Find Your Unique Painting Style

How to find the word best suited to the artwork you create is a secret hiding right out in the open. It is something so obvious, so familiar to all of us, that we simply overlook it. During my long career as both artist and gall…

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Writer's Block - How Can Artists Avoid Running Out of Ideas and Make Great Paintings?

People who give private art lessons say the question they most dread from their students is: 'What shall I paint?' Even professional artists sometimes run out of ideas and are faced with the same question. I've never had that problem. So, am I some kind of a genius?

Oh boy, I know the answer to that…

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