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'If you're like me, you probably wonder about "testimonials." Unless you know the person who is making the statement, how much can it mean? Still, I'm a stranger to you at present. So you may like to see what people had to say about me and my work. Because you can check out articles printed in newspapers, I've included just a few.'
Dorothy Gauvin

Extracts from reviews

  • 'The Consul-General of Australia Basil Teasey officially opened an exhibition of Australian art in Los Angeles early in March. At the show, he announced that an oil painting by Dorothy Gauvin had been sold for $12,000.'
  • Andrew Bairden - British Weekly Los Angeles. Mar 1985
  •  Update: A painting from the 1985 series was re-sold in 2002 for $23,000
  • 'Gauvin has no doubts on the worth of her work - she knows they are good. The waiting list for her paintings, which sell at five-figure sums and feature in numerous corporate and private collections throughout Australia, in Canada and the USA, would appear to back this up.'
  • Murray Waldren - Weekend Australian Sydney.Jan 1990
  • 'Gauvin paints with a passionate love of her subject. A perfectionist, with every detail of her paintings historically accurate, she will often take long field trips to authenticate a relatively small part of the work. For every average painting time of 200 hours, she spends four times that on research.'
  • Robert Reid - Sunday Mail  Brisbane. Jun 1995

All extracts reprinted with permission

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