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The Artist

  • Born at Winton, the birthplace of Waltzing Matilda, the artist grew up in Sydney and Toowoomba. In the late 1970s, her first solo exhibitions were held at private galleries in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. She lives in Cairns with her husband and their son.
  • A 'big-canvas' painter, Gauvin developed a unique montage technique to capture the vast scope of Australia's outback and to add the dimension of Time to the stories in her pictures. Her research is as meticulous as the wealth of detail she lavishes on her scenes of life on the cattle station or drover's track, Bush pub or crowded city.
  • In 1984, the artist made a five-month study tour of the great galleries of Europe and returned fired with a desire to show and to share all that being Australian means to her. The result was the start of her on-going series titled Australia's Heritage.  An early group of these paintings was toured in Los Angeles and San Francisco the following year. Since then, the artist has worked exclusively on commission.

The Author

  • Heritage Gallery Printing is the Imprint established 1995 to reprint the books of Dorothy Gauvin that were previously published by HarperCollins/Angus&Robertson and also to publish the artist's future books and novels.
  • Gauvin's first historical adventure novel Conlan's Luck struck a chord with many readers for its authentic portrayal of life in the rural West.

The Gallery

  • Art Gallery Gauvin was established as a physical gallery 1991- 2003 in Cairns near the Great Barrier Reef, to showcase Gauvin original oil paintings. It has been an online gallery since May 2003.


  • Current Projects: A series of paintings on an epic Australian theme is underway, using a technique that the artist believes is totally new. She has also resumed work on her second Novel, set on a North Queensland sugar Plantation during the volatile period of the 1890s.


  • Update: Complications caused by the rheumatoid arthritis that has been part of the artist's life from early youth brought her career to a halt in 2003. Four years later, she was able to resume her planned Final Series with reduced hours in the studio.
  • Then, after a total elbow repacement in 2010, unexpected nerve damage to her right hand put her out of action in the studio.
  • Two years later, she was able to take up the brushes again, until yet another relapse put the work on hold. Investing in a motorised chair that she calls her 'Chariot' allowed a return to painting in 2013.
  • In hope of giving practical encouragement to other painters with arthritis in any of its forms, she shares pictures of the special artist's tools developed with her partner and the DIY directions for building them on her gallery site...