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What will keep you going throughout a long painting career?

At the beginning of your career in Art, you aren't likely to be thinking about its end. All you want is to get as good at making art, your art, as you possibly can. As long as I can remember, a famous quote about Art thrummed in my head.

Today, I looked it up. In Latin it reads as 'Ars longa, vita…

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Art Speaks to the Future


We marvel at the pyramids of ancient Egypt and wonder how and why they were made. Answers come only from the art and crafts left behind...

Heiroglyph and cuneiform characters, carved into stone pillars called stele, name the kings who ordered the work. Some stele name the architects who designe…

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3 benefits for women painting in oils.


Old-time approval of more 'lady-like' materials such as watercolours and pastels lasts into the present age. Cost alone once put oils beyond the reach of most women painters. Traditional roles imposed by society excluded women from the 'major' forms of Art.

Courageous women and fair-minded men c…

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Few women paint in oils - why?

I'm a woman who paints in oils and here's a question I've pondered, over the decades of my career: why do so relatively few women choose this medium? Now, I may have the answer...

In the chronicles of Art, the female practitioner appears only in the last few hundred years. Much can be made of this …

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The Oldest Profession – Not That One!

Songman W=234xH=190 

Long before lawyers, prior to the priesthood, millennia before that misnamed 'oldest' service, one professional was treasured by all in his tribe, even though he 'toiled not, neither did he spin.' In a time before memory...

People of ancient times huddled around the campfire and watched the or…

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Is Your Australian Boardroom Decor Dead Boring?

Aussie Spirit W=175xH1272 Top Tips to Improve Visitor Experience

Surprise and impress clients and visitors with a fresh approach to decorating with Art in your boardroom. As a business leader you understand the long-term importance of first impressions. A limp handshake, a mis-remembered name, a forgotten lunch-time stain o…

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Michelangelo and Picasso - two geniuses

Picasso, 20th century pioneer of Cubism and Michelangelo, greatest sculptor of the Renaissance - What can possibly link these two masters?  Before the 19th century ended, painters in Paris began experimenting with new ideas.

Among others, Cezanne was breaking away from the idea of 'reporting' the…

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