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Is Your Australian Boardroom Decor Dead Boring?

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Surprise and impress clients and visitors with a fresh approach to decorating with Art in your boardroom. As a business leader you understand the long-term importance of first impressions. A limp handshake, a mis-remembered name, a forgotten lunch-time stain on your shirt.

Trivial in the big picture of your business plan, details like these can block your chance of instant rapport with an important prospective client.

Less trivial, more obvious, is what the decor of your office or boardroom tells a visitor about you and your business.

Let's first take the example of an overseas visitor.

Tourists want the new experience of visiting another country. Travellers take the long journey to Australia in order to experience the new and the different in scenery, customs, ways of thinking and doing. Yet, the modern tourist who boards at any foreign airport now lands in Australia, only to find more of whatever s/he left back home and less to be discovered.

It's the inevitable result of well-intentioned attempts by government, private and corporate entities, to help the tourist feel comfortable at the expense of the unique qualities of our own local identity.

1.Give your foreign visitor a taste of Australia from the first step inside your domain.

  • Pass on displaying the expected: the Russian dolls, the Japanese kimono, the Chinese watercolour scroll reproduction, you know the sort of thing. Whatever the colour of your walls, furniture or carpets, you can choose to hang authentic Australian artworks, in originals by Aussie artists or in fine art prints made from those paintings. You can display pottery,  carvings or sculpture done by Aussie artisans and sculptors.  

Now, if you will, let's think about your local visitor.

In this globalised world, personal identity is more important than ever before. We all need the joy and stimulation of new experiences but we also need the comfort of belonging to a group, to a place. Deep down, no matter how far we travel, we all feel the tug of our birthplace, the country we call Home. So, choosing to display Aussie artwork is an obvious choice.

2.Give your local visitor the flavour of Home.

  • Here's the thing.In choosing Australian art to display in your business space, you face a hidden trap.
  • Art practise in Australia follows the latest fashions of American Abstract Expressionism, the style that is now called 'International Art.' The flavour of Australia is missing.
  • That's not to say it isn't 'good art' – whatever that may mean – just that it could have originated anywhere.
  • Your visitors may well wonder if you and your business are genuinely Australian. Why leave them in the dark?

So here are your choices for making an impact with art in your business spaces.

1. Well-meant but uninspired copies from the visitor's culture.
2. 'International' designs with little or no Australian context.
3. Authentic, unusual Art that tells the Australian story.

Please take a moment to tell me what you think about this idea,Thanks,Dorothy

©Dorothy Gauvin
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