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Artists of the Future: Who Will Teach Crafstmanship to Them?

One time, a regular client - a self-made success in business - commissioned me to make a large painting. He added a most unusual condition.

The client held a strong conviction that I needed to fly to his home on a stud cattle station and see the room where the painting would hang. When I finally ag…

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Where Does a Realist Painter Fit in the Digital Age?


Where Does a Realist Artist fit in the Digital Age?

The world's first photograph was produced in 1822, by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. With Louis Daguerre, he helped develop the process that led to modern photography. The camera, so easily reproducing the world people saw, raised the question: 'wha…

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The Surprising Secret about How to Find Your Unique Painting Style


The Surprising Secret about How to Find Your Unique Painting Style

How to find the word best suited to the artwork you create is a secret hiding right out in the open. It is something so obvious, so familiar to all of us, that we simply overlook it. During my long career as both artist and gall…

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Hero or Heroine - can novelists reflect real life by having dual protagonists?

In the realm of the novel, convention states there is a protagonist – he is male in books for men, she is female in books for women. He or she is the single most important character in the story. She or he – alone – must solve the riddle, obtain the prize, complete the journey and yet...

In the…

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Writer's Block - How Can Artists Avoid Running Out of Ideas and Make Great Paintings?

People who give private art lessons say the question they most dread from their students is: 'What shall I paint?' Even professional artists sometimes run out of ideas and are faced with the same question. I've never had that problem. So, am I some kind of a genius?

Oh boy, I know the answer to that…

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What is Addictive, Irresistible, Satisfying and Won't Make You Fat?

The process of creating something that did not exist before you put brush to canvas or fingers to keyboard. That's my answer to...

It's well said: 'If there's any way, short of shooting yourself, to stop you from writing a book, do that thing!' That famous directive hasn't made a dent in the product…

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