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Banjo Paterson's People

 Of the paintings in this book, Gauvin says:
'Wherever possible, I've tried for something different in interpreting these famous poems.'

Some examples show she succeeded.

  • In the cover painting - about The Melbourne Cup, famed as 'the race that stops a nation' - she painted the bookies instead of the horses and jockeys.In her illustration for the ironic Riders in the Stand, she shows that the race has been run; without even a suggestion of any horses. And in a painting to accompany another of the Bush poems she compiled for this book, the artist shows the rugged pioneers of the dry West, with an afternoon tea tray and roses from the garden.

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Painting          Australia Past and Future
Artist                      Dorothy Gauvin
Medium                 Oil on Linen Canvas
Dimensions          91.5 x 122 cms(36 x 48 ins)
Painting status     Sold - in a private collection
Published as                                     Plate 32

This painting illustrates a poem by A.B.Paterson
Song of the Future
First pub. December 1889

'And it may be that we who live in this new land apart, beyond
The hard Old World grown fierce and fond and bound by precedent and bond,
May read the riddle right and give new hope to those who dimly see
That all things yet may be for good, and teach the world at length to be
One vast united brotherhood. '

Gauvin says: 'As usual, the models for this painting are from my own friends and family. The sort of people they portray here are the exemplars of the pioneering families who opened the West country to grazing and crop farming. Central to the happiness of the hard-working men are the women who provide the grace notes that make a comfortable home. The two landscapes – lush Tropical mountains and parched, dusty, Outback – are the places closest to my heart.'

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