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Banjo Paterson's Australians

 In the introduction to this book, the artist wrote about the pioneers who built a nation:

"The qualities and values of these people formed the mould from which our national identity is cast. That ability to improvise from what's at hand, the laconic humour within which heroic deeds become 'all in a day's work,' the ingrained loyalty of 'never let your mates down,' above all, the willingness to 'have a go' - these are the foundation stones of the Australian character."

  • Along with wonderfully evocative poems like 'The Man from Snowy River' and 'The Old Australian Ways,' the book contains hilarious stories like 'The Merino Sheep' and 'Thirsty Island.' Illustrations include several of the artist's best-known paintings.
  •   three Illustrated hardcovers $34.95 AUD ea - 26.5 x 25 cms - [10.5ins x 9.75ins]

73-78 pages and 29-33 colour plates and Free shipping anywhere within Australia.
    All are the same size - 26.5 x 25 cms -  [10.5ins x 9.75ins] with 73-78 pages and 29-33 full-colour illustration plates so, if you wish, they can be presented as a gift Set.

  •     Original softcover Novel of 560 pages  $14.95 AUD  inc. historical notes and the Song.

                see larger images, stories, illustrations inside the novel Conlan's Luck
All Gauvin books are now in short supply. Buyers please Contact the Artist for detail

see an Illustration from this book at right
Champ and Challenger

Painting         Champ and Challenger
Artist                 Dorothy Gauvin
Medium             Oils  on Linen Canvas
Dimensions         91.5 x 122 cms(36 x 48 ins)
Painting status     Sold - in a private collection
Published as        Plate 20
Banjo Paterson's Australians  pub. 1989,1997
This painting illustrates a poem  by A.B.Paterson (extract below)
Hay and Hell and Booligal
First published April 1896

'Of course, there isn't much to see - The billiard table used to be
The great attraction for us all, until some careless, drunken curs
Got sleeping on it in their spurs, and ruined it, in Booligal.'

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