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Australian Spirit

Australia is an island continent, looking outwards in all directions. The  oldest land on earth, so long isolated, all of its human inhabitants  originated elsewhere. Today its citizens' multicultural way of life is  recognized as one of the fairest and most stable of any yet devised. As we  enter a new millennium, the free spirit of The Swagman beckons to us all.  Holding onto the best values of our shared past, he invites us to meet,  with courage and humour, the challenges of our future.This painting was published as Plate 29 in The Painted Swagman - A Tribute to Waltzing Matilda.

Sheet size: W 24 x H 20 inches  Image size: W 20 x H 15 inches  Price: AUD $99:95

Each reproduction of the Gauvin paintings has been made with care by prize-winning specialist printers under supervision of the artist. Printed on heavy, acid-free papers with a subtle linen texture, they come with a generous white border for framing. Each is limited to a total edition of 980 and is hand-signed and numbered by the artist. An Authentication Certificate is available for each print.

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